Blending emotion

As the son and grandson of a vine-grower in the region, Mickaël Bouilly could not escape the draw of Cognac, such was his love for its flavour and subtlety.

At H. Mounier, he enjoys the benefit of an incomparable palette of eaux-de-vie slumbering patiently in thousands and thousands of casks. “The first time I set foot in the cellars, I was dumb-founded”, he remembers. 1856, 1876, 1904, 1914: each vintage reveals a different facet.

There is no place for the word standardisation in his vocabulary. What counts is to be creative. “We are constantly making discoveries and improvements. It is a great profession because it knows no bounds.”

With the help of Mickaël, H. Mounier composes its exclusive Cognacs to measure. These secret blends sometimes take several months of work and tasting, but the exceptional comes at that price.